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Find out what all the hype is about...

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is gaining international recognition as a safe, clinically-proven treatment to help the body repair and recover from illness and injury. 

HBOT for healing

At Hyper Healing we believe that when you feel well in your mind and body, anything is possible. We also know that life can throw some curveballs. One day you can be fit and healthy, and the next you can be struggling to make it through the day. If you're suffering from long covid, traumatic brain injury, chronic fatigue, inflammation or dementia, mHBOT can be a game-changer. It gave me my life back, and it can do the same for you.  

Calm Waters

Try, hire or buy. 

We offer a range of services to make starting your wellness journey easier, and we've teamed up with Stadium Finance to provide you with flexible payment options. 

Beach Fun

Boost immunity and energy.

HBOT increases oxygen concentration in the tissues, helping to give you more energy, strengthen the immune system, and block the action of harmful bacteria.


Say goodbye to brain fog. 

Are you feeling groggy, tired and forgetful? mHBOT increases the amount of oxygen going to the brain, essentially giving your brain more nutrients to help it function optimally. 

HBOT for athletes

Le Bron James, Tiger Woods and Michael Phelps are just some of the many top athletes around the world using HBOT to get the edge. Now you can too.  

What our clients are saying...

"Mike has answered my frequent questions quickly and efficiently. Very friendly and goes out if his way to anticipate my needs. The therapy has made a significant difference to my long covid symptoms! Couldn't be happier and highly recommend the Hyper Healing team"

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