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While mHBOT may not be a cure, it can aid in recovery and offer respite from a number of debilitating conditions.  You don't need to be unwell for mHBOT to help, however. It is great for general wellness and  can assist athletes in achieving their peak performance to get the edge on their competitors.

Talk to us about how mHBOT can benefit you. 

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mHBOT for Brain Injuries, Concussion, Dementia & Neurological Conditions

At Hyper Healing we understand brain injuries. We know how it feels to have a hidden disability and how difficult it can be to cope with the 'new you'. We also know what it is like to have a loved family member who is no longer the same person.


We saw and experienced first-hand how mHBOT helped Mike after his first and second significant traumatic brain injuries in 2021 and 2022. Within about ten days of starting mHBOT, Mike was getting results that eight months of 'normal' therapies hadn't.


There are now thousands of studies and research articles supporting the positive benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for your brain.  

By saturating your blood with oxygen, research shows that mHBOT helps heal your brain by:

  • promoting neuroplasticity - rewiring your brain around damaged areas

  • reducing inflammation - cytokine reduction

  • reducing swelling on the brain

  • mitogenesis - healthier cells and more mitochondria

  • increasing blood flow around the brain

  • improving brain structure

This results in: 

  • faster healing

  • better cognitive performance/more focus/better memory

  • more energy

  • less brain fog

  • better sleep

  • reduced chance of long term damage and ongoing neurological issues

  • a reduction/alleviation of the symptoms of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other dementias

HBOT for Long Covid

We are now all familiar with the symptoms of Covid-19.  For some, this can be quite mild.  For others, life-threatening and fatal.  Up to 20% of those who have caught Covid-19 will go on to develop Long Covid.


Long Covid symptoms can be quite different for each person, but are nonetheless devastating.  The main symptoms are brain fog, fatigue, insomnia, widespread pain and loss of energy.  These symptoms can last for months, and sometimes years.


To date, research is showing that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has the best results in supporting those suffering from Long Covid. 


Peer reviewed, randomised controlled studies on those with Long Covid have shown that HBOT:

  • reduces hypoxia

  • reduces neuroinflammation

  • induces neuroplasticity and neurogenesis - rewires the brain

  • significantly improves brain structure, as seen in fMRI scans

  • increases oxygen flow to all cells in the body, stimulating mitochondrial growth and multiplication

This results in: 

  • a significant reduction in Long Covid symptoms

  • better sleep

  • more energy

  • significant reductions in pain, including headaches, joint pain, and widespread pain

  • improved cognitive function, processing, memory, attention and executive function

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mHBOT for General Health & Wellness

Flooding your body with life-giving oxygen under pressure means every cell in your body will benefit.  Which means YOU benefit, helping you to be the healthiest version of yourself, from the inside out.

Not only is mHBOT great for general health and wellbeing, research also demonstrates that mHBOT can play a significant role in slowing down the aging process.  Participants in studies who have used mHBOT have reduced their aging biomarkers significantly.

In multiple peer reviewed studies, mHBOT has been shown to:

  • significantly increase collagen production and density

  • significantly increase blood vessels in the skin

  • clear out and recycle dying cells - autophagy

  • reduce 'zombie' cells - senescence

  • increase angiogenesis - the growth of new blood vessels and capillaries

  • increase mitogenesis and cellular health - mitochondria grow in size and multiply

  • increase neurogenesis - the growth of new brain cells

  • fight bacteria and toxins

  • significantly reduce inflammation

  • increase fibroblast cell production

  • increase antioxidant defences and combat oxidative stress

This leads to: 

  • a significant slowing of the aging process

  • improved blood flow and oxygen carrying around the body

  • a stronger immune system

  • a reduction in stress and anxiety

  • more energy

  • better sleep

  • better mental focus and clarity, and improved multitasking

  • better overall health and wellness

  • younger looking skin

  • healthier joints and connective tissue

  • a healthier sex life

HBOT for Athletic Injury & Enhanced Performance

Elite athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Phelps, Tiger Woods, Novak Djokovic, Valentino Rossi, and LeBron James use HBOT as a regular part of their routine.

There's a reason that many of the world's elite athletes are turning to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.  Saturating the body with oxygen under pressure has a multitude of direct benefits, whether an athlete is trying to recover from an injury, or just wants to alleviate muscle soreness and stiffness after training or a workout.  Take Andre Joubert. Back in 1995, the Springbok fullback broke three bones in his hand during a World Cup Match against Samoa. He had emergency surgery the same day.


Usually an injury of this nature requires about seven weeks to recover, however, the Springboks needed Joubert to play against France in the semi-final just seven days later.  After multiple sessions in an HBOT chamber, Joubert went on to make history as part of the team who beat France, then the All Blacks a week later in the final which saw Nelson Mandela pass the William Ellis trophy to Francois Pienaar.

HBOT is an approved treatment by WADA - the World Anti-Doping Agency, so why wouldn't you want to use it to gain the edge?


Peer reviewed research shows that HBOT helps athletes by:

  • increasing collagen production

  • stimulating stem cell production

  • stimulating angiogenesis

  • stimulating mitogenesis and neurogenesis

  • increasing fibroblast activation

This results in:

  • faster recovery time from sports-related and high impact injuries such as sprains, bruises, tears and fractures

  • faster recovery from fatigue and muscle strain

  • decreased lactic acid

  • a reduction in inflammation and pain

  • faster recovery from head injuries and concussions

  • reduced scarring

  • better cognitive performance

  • better sleep

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